Annabel Neilson is a designer-maker/ artist from Herefordshire in the UK. She has studied fine art-painting, and more recently blacksmithing and metalwork, and is a self-taught jewellery-maker. Tinkan Designs is about handmade, unique, quality, recycled creations.


"I find it hard to throw anything away, and I often see potential in things that others have thrown out. I collect stuff that might look like rubbish to others, but to me its useful and inspiring - these include my favourite materials,(metals, rubber,plastic), anything with an interesting shape or pattern, small bits that could be jewellery components, or larger things that could be part of future projects (that will take shape one day!) I try to be original and different with my ideas. With a bit (or sometimes a lot!) of cleaning up, some creative and lateral thinking, and some trial and error, rusty metal, broken plastic, old tyres etc...can be transformed. "